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Look for a group to play with here.

Looking for Group

Postby frait » Sat May 05, 2018 7:02 pm

Am playing in salem about two weeks. I know Russian and English a bit. Looking for a group or village if this village is new. Very new is more prefer.
As I understand, this is a game about players interactions. Now, I am building my own village, because I had an idea to have secure base for fast creating new chars. I lost two of characters on this time and started from zero few days ago. After this time, I feel boring. Because I need nothing from results, what I am doing. No goal mean no enjoys from achievements. Yes, you are rising in biles and learning something, but for what?

My village has a lake, lime, clay. And granite in one minute of walking. I have build fields, pots, mine, coals. Dry boards will be ready today. My main char has 5 of madness, sleeping with teddy and I am playing with alt right now. My biles level is about 60-70.
No problem to leave this village, if you have to invite me for something interests.

P.S. you may write me ingame, hs: 863Triego
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